Charlotte Street Hockey League

Hot Hot Heat Tournament for Sean Mahoski Sunday 08/28


Welcome To The 2022 Hot Hot Heat Tournament - dedicated to the late Sean Mahoski

The registration process will take you through everything required to officially register for CSHL's  Hot Hot Heat Tournament for Sean Mahoski


     Please read through each page carefully, as well as all the details below before registering.


The cost of this tournament is $25 per player

About Sean Mahoski

Sean Lawrence Mahoski of Charlotte, North Carolina, born in Edison, New Jersey, succumbed to his battle with glioblastoma in July 2022.  He is survived by his parents, Susan Mahoski and Andrew Mahoski; his friends, Scott, Joe and Sean; his wife Jennifer Mahoski; his children, Ava, Blake and Ella Rose; and his brother Andrew.


Sean served as the Morrison YMCA's representative in coordinating hockey events at the DeFeo Family Rink, mostly between 2011-2019.  Sean's work mostly included roller hockey events;  he was also instrumental in connecting with CSHL's group and promoting hockey whenever possible. 


Many individuals in our organization have stories about Sean's warmness and cordiality whenever we first moved to the Charlotte area and wanted to check out the hockey scene.  Sean was always welcoming and eager to answer questions so that more people would come out to enjoy the sport we all love.

In memory of Sean, and in heartfelt support of his wife Jennifer and her 3 kids, CSHL is gifting any and all money raised at this tournament to his family.  We welcome you to come out and pay your respects to Sean as we celebrate his life playing this tournament in his honor!

Is a helmet required to participate?



And this will also be the case for our upcoming Fall League (registration is open!).


Along with a helmet, we are also mandating padded gloves, shin guards, and a composite or wood stick (plastic ok too).  All other equipment is optional.

Runner (35) & Goalie (5) Registration Caps

***We are accepting runners and goalies for 5 teams.  We will cap runners at 35 (7 runners for 5 teams) and at 5 goalies.  Once these thresholds are exceeded, runners after 35 and goalies after 5 will go on a Waiting List.***


      We ask that you let us know ASAP if you register and it turns out you CANNOT attend.  This will give us time to replace you with someone on the Waiting List.  Waiting List members will be contacted in order of when they registered (ie. the first person on the Waiting List will be the first person contacted to see if he/she is still available to participate).

Waiting List

Once registration exceeds 30 runners and 5 goalies respectively, a Waiting List is to be established for 2 reasons:


1. Priority:  if someone in the original registration drops out, they will be replaced on a first-come-first-serve basis with the Waiting List


2.  Secondarily:  if the Waiting List gets big enough, CSHL will consider a format with additional teams if enough runners and goalies register


We aim to make the final call by Wednesday, August 24th as to whether or not we will expand so people on the Waiting List can plan to attend

Tournament Format

 Teams will be drafted school yard style, where captains will be picked beforehand to choose players on the court one by one. The draft will be done snake style.


The Tournament format will include a Round Robin where teams are guaranteed a specified number of games.  The number of games will depend on the number of teams that participate (which depends on the number of registrants).


     The teams will be seeded after the Round Robin into a Double Elimination bracket.  Once a team loses, they will enter the Losers Bracket.  The winner of the Losers Bracket will have to beat the winner of the Winners Bracket (this will be a Best of 1 Series even though the Winner's Bracket team goes undefeated - their advantage for winning the Winner's Bracket is playing less games).  This is different than what we've done in the past.  We've taken into consideration the duration of the tournament combined with the heat and will be playing 1 less (potential) game.


     Game schedule and final format will be provided once registration ends on or around Wednesday, August 24th (see above details).


We will play 4 on 4 hockey and each team will have 7 runners total and 1 goalie.


Please direct questions to: