Charlotte Street Hockey League

Summer Rec Registration 2024 Waymer Park


Welcome to the 2024 Waymer Adult Summer Rec League!

CSHL is proud to announce we are leveraging Waymer Park for Summer Rec League!  Come join us for another season on the new hockey rink!


Your registration fee of $50 gets you UP TO 7 games of regular season + playoffs.  We are scheduling 7 weekends-worth of games with the option to push out Championship weekend by 1 week if needed due to weather.  Please note the key dates below:


Registration Open: Monday, April 22nd

Registration Close: Wednesday, May 1st

Teams Formed: Week of May May 6th

First Games: May 25th

Playoffs: July 20th

Weather Makeup Date: July 27th
Full schedule listed below to show applicable breaks.


Games will take place on Saturday early afternoon at:

David B. Waymer Park

14200 Holbrooks Rd

Huntersville, NC 28078 


No team specific jerseys will be provided this season. Make sure to bring a family appropriate white and a dark with you every week.


We are capping registration at 6 total teams-worth of runners and will finalize number of teams after seeing how many registrants we get.  If you go to sign up and Waiting List is the only option - please ensure you're putting your name on the Waiting List! If we have enough players to add additional teams, we will consider doing so!

Family Discount

If you are registering more than 1 family member for CSHL's Fall League and/or if you are signing up your child for CSHL's Youth League, use the discount code:






at checkout for 20% off of one of your registrations!


Each team will play 1 game every Saturday.  Game times are still to be determined.  They could start as early as 9am and they could start as late as 1:00pm.


Each game will be 3 periods with a running clock. Clock will stop on stoppages inside the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period if the score is within 2 goals.   Point structure for wins to be shared about 1 week before the League begins.


Standings will be ordered by points, goal differential, goals for and head-to-head (if applicable) in that order. All teams will make the playoffs. 


League Rules and Format to be released about 1 week before the League begins.

Protective Equipment

All players will be required to wear a helmet, shin pads and padded gloves - preferably hockey equipment for all three of these things. Players will be asked to leave the rink and return with proper protective equipment.


Below are some examples of acceptable equipment:

  • Skateboard helmet (Brad McLane style)
  • Lighter ball hockey gloves (e.g. Hagan Hockey, Mylec)
  • Soccer-style shin guards that do not cover the knee area


Below are some examples of unacceptable equipment:

  • Hats
  • Gardening gloves
  • Long pants only
  • Hockey socks only



Please direct questions to:

Bobby Arkus